What is Managed WiFi?

Managed WiFi is a specific business solution which allows an organization to contract with a third-party wireless vendor the critical tasks involved in planning, securing, deploying, maintaining, managing and/or updating a workplace’s WiFi network. It is an ideal solution for companies that do not have IT support staff or those whose IT resources may be stretched to their limits. This flexible option also enables organizations to reduce their IT budget by automating certain aspects of their WiFi system. The following article provides a brief overview of how managed WiFi can benefit both small and large businesses.

Managed WiFi offers many benefits and advantages.

In addition to providing the professional image that large organisations desire, managed wifi solutions also offer several unique benefits for small businesses. Small businesses may not have the available resources or expertise in the form of network engineers, administrators and technicians to successfully maintain and upgrade an existing wired network. On the other hand, managed wifi solutions allow users to install and utilise open source wireless applications that are pre-configured to ensure that most any type of hardware will be able to be connected to the network.

With cloud managed wifi services, the selection of compatible hardware is automatic. This eliminates the need to make manual selections or purchase new hardware. Wireless networks are automatically deployed within the designated bandwidth and time span specified by the customer. This eliminates the need for maintenance or upgrades, and users will only be charged for the time that they use their public wireless connections.

Consumers enjoy seamless connectivity with managed wifi providers.

Network configuration is quick and efficient. Users can set their own password and select the network priority. Mobile connectivity is provided throughout the workplace, and users are billed on a monthly basis. They can activate mobile payment options such as credit card payments and PayPal if they prefer. Businesses can also take advantage of managed wifi providers for the purpose of enabling employees to connect to public wifi networks, even outside the office.

In addition to these benefits, there are a number of other advantages that come from using managed wifi services. Public and corporate networks are seamlessly deployed to meet your business’ unique needs and requirements. Managed wifi solutions are extremely reliable and provide fast internet connections. With managed wifi services, you are enabled with the flexibility of choosing the connection speed that best meets your individual requirements and budget constraints.

It is now possible for all types of hospitality industries to have access to wireless networks. Whether you need to connect to multiple portable devices or to an internet service provider’s private networks, connectivity is never a problem. Wi-Fi Direct technology allows internet service providers to securely associate data with devices such as laptops and mobile devices, so that critical business data is automatically accessible. The process enables web pages accessed via mobile devices to be indexed more quickly, which increases accessibility and speeds up browsing time on a website.

It is also possible to extend managed wifi service to student housing. This ensures that students in college accommodation can stay connected to the internet without any issues. Students in college accommodation may use laptops and other portable devices to access various websites. However, laptops and other devices have limited memory, electricity and storage space. Through managed wifi, internet service providers can establish secure and isolated networks that students can use to access websites and data.

  • Most managed wifi services offer secure network access. They also provide advanced security features, such as username/ password logging, encryption and VPN connectivity.
  • Furthermore, managed wifi services can be integrated with your existing systems.
  • This ensures that your existing systems can utilize the latest internet services and applications, while your devices are kept secure. It is easy to get connected to the internet.
  • All you need is a smartphone or laptop to access your favorite websites, access various social media sites and share files with your family and friends.